RST codes
RST Codes Extract from the RSGB Amatuer Operating Manual QRA What is the name of your station?
QRB How far are you from my station?
QRG Will you tell me my frequency?
QRH Does my frequency vary?
QRI How is the tone of my transmitting?
QRK Intelligibility of my frequency?
QRL Are you ready? / i am ready
QRM Interference from other station?
QRN Interference from natural atmospherics?
QRO Shall I increase transmit power?
QRP Shall I decrease transmit power?
QRQ Shall I send faster?
QRR Ready for automatic operation?
QRS Shall I send slower?
QRT Shall I stop sending/ close down?
QRU Have you anything for me?
QRV Are you ready?
QRX When will you call again?
QRY What number is my turn?
QRZ Who is calling me?
QSA What is the strength of my signals?
QSB Are my signals fading?
QSD Is my keying defective?
QSK Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission?
QSL Card to confirm contact / Can you acknowledge receipt?
QSN Did you hear me or (X)?
QSO Can you communicate with (X)? / radio contact
QSP Will you relay to (X)?
QSR Repeater call on calling frequency?
QSS What working frequency will you use?
QST Is there any message for radio-hams?
QSU Shall I send or reply to this freq?
QSV Shall I send on this freq?
QSW Will you send on this freq?
QSX Will you listen to (X) on (freq)? / stand by
QSY Shall I change to (frek)?
QSZ Shall I repeat words or groups?
QTC How many messages have you for me?
QTH What is your latitude and longitude?
QTR What is the correct time in UTC?
QTS Send call sign for tuning?
QTV Shall I guard (freq)?
QTX Will you keep your station open?
QUA Have you news of (X)?
QUM May I resume normal working?