RST codes
RST Codes ABT About
MNI Many
AGN Again
MSG Message
ANT Antenna
NW Now
BK Break
OC Old Chap
CPI Copy
OM Old Man
CPY Copy
OP Operator
CQ General Call
PSE Please
CUL See You Later
PWR Power
CW Continuous Wave
R Receive
DE From
RPRT Report
DR Dear
RST Readability
EL Element
RX Receiver
ES And
SIG Signal
FB Fine Business
SRI Sorry
TEMP Temperature
FM From
TKS Thanks
GA Good Afternoon
TNX Thanks
GD Good Day
TU Thank You
GE Good Evening
TX Transmitter
GM Good Morning
TXR Transceiver
HPE Hope
UR Your
HVE Have
VERT Vertical
HW How
VY Very
K Invitation to Transmit
WID With
WX Weather
73 Best Wishes
XYL Wife (ex Young Lady)
88 Love and Kisses
YL Young Lady